Business Partnership Analysis

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 Business Partnership Analysis


Working in a partnership has both its challenges and rewards. When you understand the unconscious dynamics that operate below the surface you can address issues head-on immediately before they grow into massive misunderstandings that can threaten both the partnership and the business.  This is also beneficial to examine the partnership dynamics BEFORE agreeing to the partnership to understand your compatibility and potential issues.

In this Power Session you will…

  • Explore both your designs to fully understand and appreciate what makes each of you unique.
  • Understand the electromagnetic dynamics of your relationship.  This is the spark that brings you together, yet can also cause misunderstandings when either of you are operating from the shadow aspects of your designs.
  • Shed light on inherent compromises within your relationship. These are aspects of your design dynamics that can not change.  Once you understand this you can bring more acceptance and appreciation to those areas of your relationship.
  • Understanding the shadows that can cause havoc in your relationship so you can support each other in learning and growing together.
  • Realize the true magic and potential of your business partnership.

This Power Session is designed to give your practical tools, insights and knowledge to successfully move you forward in your business partnership.

Sessions are held virtually via GoToMeeting or Skype or you can do a session in person if you live near Denver, CO.

This 90 Minute Power Sessions Include:

  • Practical Insights and Tools to move your life forward successfully in your relationship and friendship.
  • Full Color PDF Design Report of all the information covered in your session for quick and easy review.
  • Session Recording – Each session is packed with detailed and practical information.  Most individuals do not “get” all the information during the initial session. Listening to the session more than once will help you gain more insight, integrate the knowledge at a deeper level and help you understand how to best utilize the practical tools shared in the session.
  • 30 Minute Follow-up Session to answer questions, ground the information learned and give your possible next steps in deepening your awareness.