Employee or Team Member Career Profile Analysis

Career2 copyWhen an employee or team member is fully appreciated and recognized for their valuable contribution they shine and want to continue to contribute their best.  Knowing what makes your employees tick, what skills and strengths they bring to the table and how to communicate with them most effectively can enhance your leadership abilities while gaining more respect and cooperation.

Providing a Career Profile Analysis for every member of your team will increase their awareness and give them an increased sense of confidence in their strengths and abilities, leading to increased reliability and effectiveness.

This is also a great tool to use for hiring the right person for the right position.

In this empowering One Hour employee session we will:

  • Explore their unique skills and strengths
  • Unlock their potential to utilize their gifts for the greatest satisfaction and success in their work
  • Show how they are designed to operate best and most effectively within a team environment
  • Give them insight to overcome any struggle or frustration.


Extras Include:

  • Half Hour Follow-up/Support Session: This follow-up session is designed to support the employee/team member in learning, growing and integrating the information learned in the initial session.
  • Report: The session includes a full color report and charts on all the information covered for quick and easy review.
  • Recordings: Each session is recorded if desired so they can review the information multiple times. So much information is communicated in each session that sometimes it is necessary to listen to the recording multiple times to deepen the understanding and integrate the information into work and daily life.
  • Email/Phone Support with Questions:  They have access to me via phone or email for quick questions and clarifications to support them in understanding and integrating the material covered into their work  for the most success and satisfaction.

For more information or to schedule a session please contact us directly at 303-349-1525 or via email at Info@BizSuccessByDesign.com